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The population of North Central Texas is booming. By way of example, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Rockwall County was the sixth fastest growing county in the United States during the past decade.  Bursting from 43,080 in 2000 to 78,337 in 2010,…


The urgent opportunity in the Cotton Belt Corridor is to develop the transportation infrastructure necessary to support projected population growth, advance economic prosperity and assure a high quality of life for the North Central region of Texas.


A number of projects originating at both the state and local levels have begun to multiply and mature the gateways into the Cotton Belt Corridor.  A few examples follow.  More will be added in the future as they become available.


Texas, among so many other things, is known for its famous Lone Star—which symbolizes an independent, strong-minded streak.  But Texas is also a state of pioneers, doers and entrepreneurs.  Unlike many states that are withering, Texas is blooming on the…

Blacklands Turnpike (Lavon - Greenville)